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Getting out of the ground

January, February and March 2024

January marked the beginning of extensive site work, involving the removal of ledge material and the introduction of stone to establish the desired site grade. During this phase, crucial groundwork was laid, including the installation of plumbing and sub-grade conduits, followed by the pouring of slabs and foundation walls.

Over 400 yards of concrete were meticulously poured to lay the groundwork for the upcoming stages.

As April begins, big changes are coming to the project. Prefabricated wall panels will arrive soon, marking the start of building upward.

Demolition Week

11/27/23 - 12/01/23

Demolition week marked a huge milestone as the dedicated team from DeBisschop Excavating worked on the site. Their focus was on the careful removal of a portion of the old Vergennes Residential Care building, all while preserving the historic 200-year-old main house.

This building has served the seniors and families of Vergennes and Addison County for more than 50 years, and those memories will remain. However, we are excited to be starting on the future Vergennes Grand, to serve for another 50 years and more.